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   Cangzhou Zhiyuan explosion-proof tool Co., Ltd. is located in the Bohai economic zone of China. It is a company specializing in the production and sale of explosion-proof tools. It also operates and acts on the import and export business of all kinds of goods and technology. The products mainly include explosion-proof equipment, hardware and minerals, timber, steel and agricultural and sideline products.
  The company's products include explosion-proof tools, special tools, explosion-proof hand hoist, copper hammer series, professional combination kit and so on. The product is a famous brand in China. In 2002, it passed the ISO9002 quality system certification. In the same year, it was awarded the UKAS product certification approved by the Royal Commission. In 2003, we passed the ISO9001-2000 version quality system certification. In 2004, the product was listed as a national Torch Program. 2005 national market explosion-proof tool quality investigation no complaints, customer satisfaction products. The products are made by forging and large friction press forging, and tested by X ray ray flaw detector, leading international quality.

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Record: "explosion-proof tools and safety production" special forum

In February 25th, the China Hardware Products Association sp..

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Chinese brand integration of global explosion-proof tools

"At present, the products of explosion-proof tools sold on t..

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Non-sparking Tools


  1. Insulated slip joint plier
  2. Insulated flat nose pliers(6" 8")
  3. insulated round nose pliers
  4. Die-forged Insulated Injection Round 45 Degree Bent Pliers VDE/ATEX/GS/FM/ISO9001, do OEM, no MOQ
  5. Insulated Cr-V snipe nose plier from China
  6. Insulated Non-sparking Non-magnetic Dipped Single Open End Wrench do OEM no MOQ
  7. Insulated Non-sparking&Non-magnetic Single Box Wrench
  8. 防爆十字绝缘螺丝刀
  9. 防爆克丝钳
  10. 防爆剥线压线断线钳